UAE Visit Visa Services in Abu Dhabi

UAE Visit Visa Services

Perfect Trips through Heliopolis Travel! We offer UAE Visit Visa Services through an online application and by strictly considering all the visa rules. The kind of visa that you require to enter into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration. There are many different types of UAE visas like tourist visa, visit visa, transit visa, multiple entry visas etc. Our priority is to take away all the worries but rather to provide them with comfortable, efficient and convenient services.

We consider and make you familiar with the basic requirements for visa issuance. We help you and provide convenient and efficient services. We enlist the required documents to prepare the application for UAE Visa. The visa services offered by us are valid for 14 days or 30 days or 90 days depending upon your choice. Renowned for the UAE Visa services, we are one of the economical and trustworthy agencies for its issuance.

The feasible price list for different visa types is enlisted below:

• For 90 days Tourist Visa, one needs to pay 999 AED while a 90-day Multi-Entry Visa costs 2100 AED. The mentioned prices are applicable for Dubai tourist Visa and Abu Dhabi Tourist visa only.
• 14 days tourist visa costs you 370 AED.
• Opting for a 30-day tourist visa costs you 390 AED while a multi entry visa of the same duration costs you 950 AED
• Applying for a visa for Sharjah? You will have to pay 550 AED for a 30-day Visa service while 90-day Visa service costs you 1250 AED

What all do you need for the UAE Visa?

• CHEQUE DEPOSIT (will return once the visitor leaves the country or change his/her visa status) and other option.

Points to Remember:

• Visa Fee- Visa fee is non-refundable whether the visa application is approved or rejected.
• The applicant should submit clear passport copy of the visitor with the departure exit stamp details.
• The refund claim will be made upon submitting the original security deposit receipt.
• Refund claim should be made within one year from the exit date of the visitor, any claim after this period will not be entertained.

Terms and Conditions:

• Visa approval is a sole discretion of the immigration officers, no changes or amendments can be can be made after visa application has been processed.
• In case of any new rule or fees introduced by immigration, the applicant should agree to obey these rules and pay the fees, as implemented by the immigration authorities.
• Visa processing takes minimum 5 working days, Heliopolis Travel will not be responsible for any delay or rejection of the application.
• In case the visitor transfers his/her visa to employment, then the visitor or guarantor must provide a copy of the new visa to Heliopolis Travel Agency.

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